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Matheus Chiaratti

and his earth as a reference:

Rivane Neuenschwander

To fight the battle with a work, to unwork it, to run from it to then arrive at it; to seduce it. To scrape the streaks of light and invoke the presences; to seek to protect oneself by corroborating; to unroll the parchment slightly. To pilfer the material and then love it, concede and deceive it. I face the work that causes me a tremendous stupor, I see the coloured lights and the curved thread concatenating miracles with other threads, the word lingers in my mouth. Erotic. I swallow my saliva; massage the inside walls of my cheek with my tongue; salivate myself. An immense joy comes forward and walks on the walls of my body without the strength to escape.


To fight the battle with a work.


(a)casos eróticos is a series of embroidery by Rivane Neuenschwander that I discovered in 2014 when I was still a sales assistant at the gallery that represents the artist. I had no way of responding to this encounter, except by producing a license-work that remains a tribute, but is also - and, above all - an obsession. I made the erotic explicit through flying phalluses, chunks of dicks and balls and something else. It took time to happen, after all, embroidering is an action that runs through time, lasts, extends, and wanders. Embroidering is also a penance, but which leaves traces.




Amarello magazine - click here to read it in their webpage

10th Anniversary Edition

December 2019

RN10519_Acasos Eroticos_DDH.jpg


(a)casos eróticos [Erotic Cases] 9, 2014

Hand embroidery on cloth napkin

31 x 43 cm

© Rivane Neuenschwander. Photo: Eduardo Ortega. Cortesia [Courtesy] Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro / e [and] Stephen Friedman Gallery, London



O que é do homem, o bicho não come (Rivane), 2017-18

Hand embroidery on linen napkin

75 x 90 cm


Photo: Julia Thompson

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