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the crowned

This is the fourth edition of the PINGA project: dialogues between art and fashion, which was created aiming to bring together and offer new alternatives and relationships to these fields. The initiative occurs in partnership with KURA Art Consultant and presents an installation and an exclusive by artist Matheus Chiaratti, specifically designed for PINGA space.


The nostalgic eternalization of classical art history returns here in its already digested state – the narrative suggested by Chiaratti for occupying all the available space of PINGA exists as a constant exercise of memory. Icons of a common imaginary weave a recreated fable, a game of resignifying proceeds as an unfolding of such an experience.


Worn-looking vases receive paintings with vivid colours and, as stickers, the figures either integrate or sometimes detach themselves from the remote temporality of the piece. Following the subtle opposition between support and drawing, the plasticity of the shapes stands out in linen and the portrayal of classic symbols of Greco-Roman culture visit the contemporary and are sharing the same temporal contrast. At the same time, small portraits reflect faces in the store, easily known and unknown characters dwell in an ambiguous sphere, a trigger for the viewer’s formulation of this mythology.

Static, idealized, petrified bodies share a unique plan with allegories: the connection to the textile universe takes place in an unconscious of dummies, drapes, prints, and textures that reappear within a borderline context between art and fashion.

Crossing such frontier, Matheus Chiaratti enters PINGA in all its layers, an exclusively produced edition inaugurates the expansion of previously established margins. ESCARAVELHO / SCARAB / GAB / POENTE is born from the encounter between Egyptian mythology, the artist and the store.

The representation of one of the sun’s shapes is given by the god Khepra, the scarab. Frequent in Egyptian jewelery such an amulet is associated with the idea of resurrection and immortality; cut in amazonite stone, the jewel is accompanied by a yellow and red scarf representing the setting sun, causing the set to hold a cycle in itself.

With the same material as the handkerchief, silken fabrics are displayed in the environment on a larger scale; architecturally the dyed fabrics cross the space configuring new areas, new landscapes that expand the universe of this tale for its embodiment in the real.

An intervention which was born already under the name THE CROWNED by the artist, are tributes traced by the eternalization of their forms in an act of solidification, a fable necessary to express and petrify moments between past and present, personal and collective.

Thais Teotonio


Os Coroados - The Crowned

Opening: 05 June 2019, 11am

Until July 20th

PINGA | Rua da Consolação, 3378, São Paulo

191217-Matheus Chiaratti-28-ph Ana Pigos

©2020 by Matheus Chiaratti.

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