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Curated by Julie Dumont

The Wonderment of Things

O Maravilhamento das Coisas  (The Wonderment of Things) comes from the desire to show the production of artists from different generations and countries, whose practice lies beyond categories, providing thoughts about the developments of daily life aesthetics in contemporary art, blurring the limits between erudite and popular art, figuration and abstraction, the original and the copy.

The use of the copy, is at the center of Daniel Barclay´s project Bambaismo. The colonial origin of the word Bamba describes the sealing of existing currencies, redefining the value of the original and refers nowadays in Peru, to the illegal copies of images and objects. Translating the practice to the art field, Daniel Barclay questions the value of the artwork, reproducing in a voluntarily imperfect way, copies of antiques sculptures and famous paintings. In this formal exercise, the intrinsic codes of the artwork remains, though altered through the successive readings.

A similar formal research characterize the artworks of Mayla Goerisch, Mano Penalva, Sergio Pinzón and Matheus Chiaratti. Distracting the physical qualities of ordinary objects, they transform them in sculptures or paintings, tearing down the classical art structures and searching completion through composition and color, in an iconography inspired by personal places or memories. Like this, Mano Penalva´s canvas bags or lounge chairs gain new volumes and functions, while Mayla Goerisch creates with Meeting Points, totems from piled colored plastic buckets. Sergio Pinzón, with its Variaciones sobre uma polo, parts from the lines of a t-shirt in an attempt to represent a landscape and Matheus Chiaratti superposes nuances of silk pieces in an immersive kind of painting, further developed in a wood sculpture, both reinventing nature´s colors.

Nature’s mystical dimension is at the core of Mariano Barone, Bruno Brito and Martin Lanezan’s artworks. In Martin Lanezan’s case, paintings, adorned with objects, carry popular symbology and seem to gather the world’s energies. Bruno Brito’s Coluna (Column), made of wood and concrete, evoques an axis mundis connecting the human to the universe, celebrating vernacular ingeniosity and imaginar while Mariano Barone, even though dialoguing with layers of informations that can be found on city walls, saves, in Zombies are good for your health, nature’s spirits, in a composition made of plastic canvases and rupestre inspired drawing.

Eventually, Tatiana Dalla Bona and Leda Catunda translate the contemporary visual saturation. Tatiana Dalla Bona reveals, in her assemblages, a city where poetry hides behind colored sidings and veils of building works.

Meanwhile, Leda Catunda, with her almost sculpture Bipede observes the macroeconomy of the sports universe. In her artwork, organically articulated cells alternate NBA’s logos with traditional prints, forming a kind of exotic animal whose legs expand on the floor and whose contrasted skin refers on one hand to the feminine universe, to the “estética da maciez” (“softness aesthetic”), and on the other hand, to the brutality of the indispensable identification to a group and of the luxurious universe of professional sports.

O Maravilhamento das Coisas contemplates therefore, the appropriation strategies of personal and popular references, through the artist subjective and affective lens, projecting symbolic forms onto or beyond the walls. Creating new functions and significations, transposing well known places into the art field, this group show reveals the displacement operated by the artist, applying the contemporary art paradigm in its most intimate relationship with the audience. In this game of possibilities, of expansion and permeability of the concepts of artwork, beauty and finitude, we are invited to an empathic journey in the particular universe of these artists, in the playfield of art, the one of the wonderment of things.

Julie Dumont, The Bridge Project


Daniel Barclay ~ Mariano Barone ~ Bruno Brito ~ Leda Catunda ~ Matheus Chiaratti ~ Tatiana Dalla Bona ~ Mayla Goerisch ~ Martin Lanezan ~ Mano Penalva ~ Sergio Pinzón


O Maravilhamento das Coisas (The Wonderment of Things)

curated by Julie Dumont

Opening: 1 March 2018, 7pm

Until March 31st

Galeria Sancovsky | Praça Benedito Calixto, 79, São Paulo

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©2020 by Matheus Chiaratti.

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