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EGUÍNIMA is the exhibition of a process,

an open essay of domestic scenography of

passages from the mythology of Oedipus,

portrayed in two key pieces:

Oedipus Rex (427 BC), by Sophocles, and

The Infernal Machine (1934), by Jean Cocteau.


For my intervention in Online Onsite,

I wanted to access elements of theatre as

a field of expression to engender references and

exercises with which I have been flirting throughout this first half of 2021. To develop the proposition, I invited the actress and poet Isabela Rossi to join me and help find scenic paths, text and speech structures, and markings; Isabela, in turn, recommended me the course “The Sensitive Body”, by the performer and poet Ciça Ohno, whose delicate and consistent work is based, above all, on the tradition of noh theatre, attentive to the notions of a body in its sensitive details. Faced with this confluence, the rehearsal appears here as a proposition of open construction, in process, where the most immediate feelings of a theatre dilettante are laid wide open: fear and shame.


Rehearsed in a domestic environment mediated by a digital device and its open streaming, the process also intends to incorporate scenic elements such as symbols, images and materials that integrate my pictorial process: such as the arrows of

Saint Sebastian, the spiral, the raw ceramics, linen, etc – these elements act as demarcations of the stage, delimiting the space of creation within the chaos of a room, adding other meanings to the choreography. Not having been created exactly for the scene, these objects were incorporated throughout the improvisation and, in this sense, act as central signs of a practice of trial, error, and the unexpected.


Finally, on this BICA page, accompanied by this text and the YouTube video – which will only be broadcast live on the three days and times set in the flyer – I also present traces of the process, objects, sketches, references, and artifacts that made up the creation of this scene, germs of its idea and execution; a labyrinth that I hope will at least be intriguing to you.


Eguínima - with Isabela Rossi

From 23 to 30 July 2021

work in progress

BICA | Online onsite

First session:

Second session:

Third session:

©2020 by Matheus Chiaratti.

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