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Curated by Julie Dumont


Winds from the North, the South, the East and the West, cold and violent winds, storms, subtle or warm and humid winds that form storms or clouds. Tempests, gusts of wind or soft breezes; winds of numerous names and intensities, constancy or periodicity. Winds that blow through our bodies or caress our skin, winds that climb mountains or descend hills, erode rocks and kiss wave´s crests. Winds that carry desert dust and garden seeds, that spread fire, burn and destroy. Winds that cross the street and whirl below the bridges, making bits of our life dance.

From the winds, I keep the memory of a breeze making refreshing my salty skin under a warm summer sun. A shiver as a sensory manifesto of a connection with the subtle that materializes in the flesh the unexplainable, the frisson that nature and art convey, a kind of savagery, life´s high.

This is the core concept of the group show Brisa, a proposition by the carioca gallery Quadra for its first exhibition in São Paulo.

A stream of Rio de Janeiro´s winds, a subjective displacement as an intuitive and unpretentious parenthesis, a gentle stroke in a brutal life, some oxygen for our nostrils.

The intuition and experimentation that guide Quadra´s curatorial line also gather the artists of the show. Ana Almeida´s moving landscapes bring dense topographies that mix nature´s murky colors with the tones of a toxic urbanity in supports that reveal a thought freed from its traditional frame. In dialogue with Ana Almeida´s narrative and contradicting her raw materiality,

Yasmin Guimaraes´ light pastel brushstrokes emerge from the canvas ‘periphery to suggest ethereal sceneries and punctuations that remind musical scores.

Flora Rebollo, on her side, proposes works that seem to emerge from a cosmic dream and which fluidity blurs the frontiers between drawing, painting and installation. The personal mythology the artist develops in her body of work echoes with Elvis Almeida´s almost meditative paintings, in which the repetition of patterns and symnbols until exhaustion appear to overcome Art History and subculture´s references to reach a balance through the imperfection of the hand gesture. The recurrence of archetypical motives seem to create bridges in time, bringing  his production closer to artworks from Mayan, Egyptian, Indian or Aboriginal civilizations or modern and contemporary artists such as Lorenzato, Yayoi Kusama or Forrest Bess.

Invoking Bess, the textures and colors of Matheus Chiaratti´s instinctive paintings dive as well in the field of intuition, sensuality, nature and Jungian concepts such as the unconscious collective with apparently simple and easy compositions (here fingers also serve as paintbrushes) that reflect intimate and sacred universes.

In a similar way, Guilherme Ginane translates with vigorous paintings a psychic journey which chromatic composition and movement goes beyond the classical division between background and foreground and between Carioca, Paulista and European painting in an open dialogue with Art History.

Converging with this posture, Tomáz Rosa and Marcelo Pacheco present eventually, a selection of the influences that guide and contaminate their research, such as Modern Art, Concrete Poetry, Pop Art,  Minimalism, music and. in Tomáz Rosa´s multiverses,

the prosaic; and in Marcelo Pacheco´s production, the erudite, popular and the everyday. In the artists´ works, references mixes without hierarchies, creating a place where painting acts as a medium in the quest of a detached chance.

Gathering universes and entropies of 8 artists from Rio and

São Paulo and launching a first season of Quadra gallery in the land of drizzle (terra da garoa), Brisa offers an immersion that embraces subjective and collective; Past, present and a certain idea of the future, with the partial and affective portrait of a young generation of painters mixing in a light and loose way, compositions, palettes and brushstrokes in a high called life.

Julie Dumont, The Bridge Project


Ana Cláudia Almeida ~ Elvis Almeida ~ Flora Rebollo ~

Guilherme Ginane ~ Marcelo Pacheco ~ Matheus Chiaratti ~

Thomaz Rosa ~ Yasmin Guimarães



curated by Julie Dumont

Opening: 5 June 2021, 11am

Until 2 July 

Quadra | Rua Oscar Freire, 2205, São Paulo


©2020 by Matheus Chiaratti.

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