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Fortuna Balnearis at Edicola Radetzky, Milan, Italy

Matheus Chiaratti’s artistic research embraces painting, embroidery, ceramics, photography and writing in a particular composition of domestic fragments, within a repertoire of extravagant forms, still-lifes and banquets where Sandro Penna has tea with Félix González-Torres. From a symbolic point of view, the evocation of a repertoire of pagan-Christian mythology is explicit, revisited with the irony of a flâneur and the awareness of the political implications of the exercise of desire. 


In Chiaratti’s work, the voice of the poets of the past cohabits with the minutiae of daily life, in artistic situations in which a simple metro ticket can be the poetic pretext for seeking another place where to drown one’s own desire, away from prying and impertinent eyes.

Giulio Verago

©2022 by Matheus Chiaratti.

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