In Conversation With is a project held by galeria Aura. In this second edition, the guests are Matheus Chiaratti and Martin Lanezan 


Neon Daylight

is a Great Pleasure

Some words on the process of one-month residency in Italy. October, 2020

Villa Lena Foundation Journal.


Palazzo Monti &

Mana Contemporary

group show

An retrospective exhibition showcasing 130 works. Curated by Edoardo Monti. October, 2020



Notes inspired by the workshop led by Ulisses Carrilho at EAV Parque Lage, 29/07/2020


Hurricane Carla_@.jpg

Forrest Bess fictional letter

by Matheus Chiaratti

PIVÔ Arte e Pesquisa, blog, 29/06/2020


O Estado de São Paulo, 01/05/2020

Júlia Corrêa


Veja São Paulo magazine, 26/02/2020, p. 76

Tatiane de Assis


Amarello magazine, 10th anniversary edition, December 2019

A special collaboration creating a dialogue between a work and its reference, Rivane Neuenschwander's (a)casos eróticos series.


Thais Teotonio



​The nostalgic eternalization of classical art history returns here in its already digested state – the narrative suggested by Chiaratti for occupying all the available space of PINGA exists as a constant exercise of memory. Icons of a common imaginary weave a recreated fable, a game of resignifying proceeds as an unfolding of such an experience. (...)

Exhibition Text

Julie Dumont



The articulation of elements as a rebus evokes a technical construction, almost cinematographic of the image. The proposition allows the capture and revelation of an essence that goes beyond what the eye can capture.(...)

Exhibition Text

The purpose seemed from the beginning an essentially romantic idea: an American artist and a Brazilian one left New York and São Paulo for an itinerant residency in the cities on the Royal Road in Minas Gerais. (...)

Exhibition Text

 Nathalia Lavigne