The embroideries are punctuations and creation exercises that are very similar to drawing - color games, loose compositions, and sometimes-automatic gestures.

The result is a field with an excess of images inspired by the titles of Brazilian popular folklore.

Click on the images to view other angles and details of the objects.

Plethora IV

(Carnivorous Continent), 2020

Hand embroidery on 

stretched linen

45 x 28 cm

Plethora III

(Carnivoros Jandyra),


Hand embroidery and painted wood on stretched linen

45 x 28 cm

191217-Matheus Chiaratti-10-ph Ana Pigos

Plethora II, 2019

Hand embroidery, stone, fig pendant and seed on linen

45 x 28 cm

191217-Matheus Chiaratti-11-ph Ana Pigos

Plethora I, 2019

Hand embroidery, stone, metal and seed on linen

45 x 28 cm


O que é do homem, o bicho não come (Rivane), 2017-18

Hand embroidery on linen napkin

75 x 90 cm


Ingá, 2018

Hand embroidery, stone, buttons on linen

45 x 28 cm

Rei Nagô, 2018

Hand embroidery, shell, fig pendant, stone, metal and shell on linen

63 x 43 cm

Berceuse da Onda, 2018

Hand embroidery on linen

63 x 43 cm

191217-Matheus Chiaratti-16-ph Ana Pigos

GAB, 2016-19

Sewing stones in glass and crystal, sequin, metal, buttons and hand embroidery on Almanara restaurant cloth napkin
45 x 47 cm