Sol e Carne

Matheus Chiaratti


Sol e Carne é um projeto de desafio


In the works produced, history is a starting point for the creation of a particular narrative that interweaves real and literary characters, and Roman mythology in painting and sculpture. Apparently disconnected elements are chaotically composed in both “Sketchbook I Cavafy ” and “Sketchbook II rivolvita” paintings, to then become organised placidly and vividly in the larger scale painting, "Brixia". There will be also wooden objects that appear as totems or scene objects (one of them in the format of a 7mm rivolvita) painted with stripes and strong colours such as the elements present in the paintings.


Finally, the project aims not only to celebrate the famous episode in Belgium but also to create a fable of its own where symbols and personal and collective memories gain a new dimension and artistic potential.




Rivolvita - Matheus Chiaratti

Works produced during the residency at Palazzo Monti, Italy

November, 1st – November, 30rd

Photos by Julia Thompson